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The SoNash Story

A heartbeat is to the music what a melody is to the song.


SoNash Publishing is a company with a heartbeat. We publish hits and make great music, but our approach is different. We give songwriters a home. We don’t just care about their craft, we also care about their lives.

Songwriters move boulders and mountains to get their emotional courage into our hearts through listening platforms such as radio and streaming services. They work for hours, days, weeks, years for the song. They are the unseen artists who touch the music first.

They shouldn’t have to do it without care, encouragement and support.

At SoNash, we focus on songwriters who want to make a great living from their artistry. We give them coaching and development, and we help them set goals and create action plans to build the life they want. Our artists/songwriters are humble, yet ambitious. They're talented, but also retain the value in good leadership and true learning experiences.


When we put the songwriters first, we can’t help but succeed.

How can we do this? We have put together a powerhouse team to guide songwriters in every facet of their careers:

Travis Chaney, President, is a highly successful coach, consultant and entrepreneur who guides top performers to reach their full potential.

Bridgette Tatum, Vice President, is a successful entrepreneur and writer of the hit #1 song "She's Country" with more than 100 recorded songs. She is a Nashville music leader who writes, produces and mentors the development of songwriters and artists.

Juli Newton-Griffith, Creative Consultant, has 30 years experience in the Nashville music industry and won SESAC Publisher of The Year three years in a row.

Learn more about our team below (click their photos for more info):

Meet The Team


Travis Chaney



IMG_4149 (1).jpeg

Bridgette Tatum

Vice President,


Juli N-G.jpg

Juli Newton-Griffith

Creative Consultant

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