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T-Ray Chaney

Travis ("T-Ray") came to the world of songwriting when his wife bought him a songwriting session with Bridgette Tatum at a charity auction. Always one to embrace new learning opportunities, he dove in headfirst and turned that one session into a songwriting mentorship. The gift of songwriting became a passion for songwriting, and he has not stopped since.

Songwriting is really just another outlet for Travis' creative side. A theater major in college, he recently directed children's musical  theater productions to hang with his daughter Lucy, had directed more than 30 shows, and has acted in approximately 40 shows. He has also spent much of his career writing, from creative white papers to business proposals to two books: Turbo Growth: Proven Strategies to Create an Extraordinary Life and Financial Planning Practice and The 3 CEOs: The Three Most Important Roles Entrepreneurial Financial Advisors Play.

Travis penned a song with Bridgett Tatum, "Bad Memory", that was nominated for Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI) Song of the Year Award for 2021.

Look for Travis playing out around Nashville!

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