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Travis Chaney


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Travis comes to SoNash as a highly successful coach, consultant and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Dynamic Directions (D2), a coaching and consulting firm focused on building an extraordinary life and practice for financial advisors. With 25 team members, D2 coaches more than 350 financial advisors across the country.


  • Travis focuses on coaching top performers - the best of the best in the industry. He has coached more than 40 advisors to places on the prestigious Barron’s Top 1,200 Advisors list and the Forbes Best-in-State advisors list.

  • He has won Consultant of the Year with his broker-dealer three times, and D2 coaches have won the award five additional times.

As a passionate entrepreneur, he also owns multiple other businesses in different industries, including digital marketing, digital news, financial planning and real estate.

He is a former award-winning financial advisor who consistently ranked in the top 1.5% of financial advisors at his broker-dealer. Travis is also the author of Turbo Growth: Proven Strategies to Create an Extraordinary Life and Financial Planning Practice and The 3 CEOs: The Three Most Important Roles Entrepreneurial Financial Advisors Play.

Travis lives full-time in Owensboro, Kentucky, with his wife Christy, son Ryland, and daughters Lucy Jagoe and Stone. Travis' community involvement includes

co-founding a youth football league, previous president of Theatre Workshop of Owensboro, and former member of the board of trustees for his collegiate alma mater, Kentucky Wesleyan College. A part-time resident of Nashville, he is also a bourbon enthusiast as his favorite vegetable is corn - distilled. 

Learn more about Travis' songwriting here.

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